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Metabolic adaptation drives weight regain1,2

Weight loss due to calorie restriction may cause the body to react by slowing the metabolism and altering appetite-regulating hormones in a process called metabolic adaptation, making long-term weight management difficult.1,2

CTA - 0.0 - Value of Losing 15%
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The value of weight loss

Obesity is associated with multiple comorbidities, some of which can be improved through weight loss3,4

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Obesity Treatment Modules

This interactive, expert-led series provides practical tools for clinicians dedicated to delivering excellent obesity care

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Risk Assessment Tool

This educational tool will help you determine your patients’ risk for developing certain complications.

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Obesity and COVID-19

Patients with obesity have a higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19.5,6 In these trying times, it is critical for patients with obesity to get the weight-management care they need.

Download of clinical overview of the AACE/ACE obesity guidelines

AACE/ACE Guidelines

Access clinical practice guidelines for the management of obesity.



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