Obesity treatment modules: an expert’s guide

This series of interactive learning modules, led by Dr. Robert Kushner and Dr. Michael Kaplan, offers practical tools designed for HCPs and their office staff who want to provide quality care to their patients with obesity.

Using the modules

The modules in this series guide you throughout the stages of patient care, offering discussion guides, practical tools for creating a treatment plan, guidance on controlling weight regain with your patients, resources for weight management through lifestyle modification, and resources for billing and coding.  

1. Discussing Weight with Your Patients 

Uses hypothetical patients to demonstrate appropriate HCP-patient interactions as well as learning modules to illustrate proper documentation procedures.

2. Create a Treatment Plan

Provides tools for building a long-term weight-management plan with patients that include physical activity, healthy eating, and strategies for sustaining weight loss.

3. Understand Weight Regain 

Uses case studies and HCP-patient interactions to highlight effective communication methods that promote long-term weight loss. 

4. Start Weight Management with Lifestyle Modification 

Provides guidance on tailoring a weight-management plan to each individual patient’s needs, taking into account their insurance status, medical history, and cognitive or behavioral patterns. 

5. Learn About Billing and Coding 

Uses practical examples to show how to manage billing and coding for weight-management care.  

Evolving care for patients with obesity

In this series of innovative expert-led video modules, you can learn about ways to speak with patients with obesity and manage and treat their disease. 

Initiate a plan for your patients

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Learn strategies for discussing weight with your patients 

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