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Obesity Treatment Modules: An Expert’s Guide

This series of interactive learning modules, led by Dr. Robert Kushner and Dr. Michael Kaplan, offers practical tools designed for HCPs and their office staff who want to provide quality care to their patients with obesity.

These treatment modules are best viewed in desktop format, but to improve your viewing experience in mobile format, please watch these modules on the Rethink Obesity with Novo Nordisk YouTube Channel.

Meet the experts

Learn expert obesity management techniques through HCP–patient interactions with Robert F. Kushner, MD, MS

Kushner Teaser
  • Professor of Medicine, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Director, Center for Lifestyle Medicine, Northwestern Medicine, Chicago, IL
  • Past president of The Obesity Society, the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, and the American Board of Physician Nutrition Specialists
  • Founder and Past Chair of the American Board of Obesity Medicine
  • Internationally recognized expert on the care of patients with pre-obesity and obesity

Improve obesity management with proper coding and documentation practices with Michael Kaplan, DO, ABOM

Kaplan Teaser
  • Chief Medical Officer and Founder, Obesity Management Systems
  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine, Stony Brook University Hospital (Stony Brook, NY)
  • Owner, Long Island Weight Loss Institute
  • Expert in obesity billing, coding, and reimbursement who has trained more than 2,000 HCPs on integrating obesity medicine within a primary care practice

Dr. Robert Kushner and Dr. Michael Kaplan were compensated for their time spent consulting on the content of, and appearing in, these video series.

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Using the modules

The modules in this series correspond with 3 key stages of providing quality care to patients: diagnosing obesity, discussing weight, and treating obesity.

1. Diagnose
The Diagnose modules use hypothetical patients to demonstrate appropriate HCP-patient interactions as well as learning modules to illustrate proper documentation procedures.

2. Discuss
The Discuss modules provide tools for building a long-term weight-management plan with patients that includes physical activity, healthy eating, and strategies for sustaining weight loss.

3. Treat
The Treat modules provide guidance on tailoring a weight-management plan to each individual patient’s needs, taking into account their insurance status, medical history, and cognitive or behavioral patterns.

By completing the series, you will be able to:

HCP and patient icon

Improve interactions with your patients with obesity

Walking up the stairs icon

Set appropriate patient expectations about obesity management and available treatment options

Path icon

Work more efficiently with your patients to develop an appropriate obesity management plan

Document icon

Implement proper coding and documentation for improved patient care and reimbursement of obesity management

Understand proper billing and coding for obesity


Initiate a plan for your patients

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