Thank you for your efforts in driving change in obesity care

Together, we are driving change for millions of people with obesity through education, advancements in obesity care, and community engagement. Novo Nordisk thanks you for your partnership.

Changing the way obesity is managed

For decades, Novo Nordisk has been committed to innovation to help people with obesity.

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Modernizing the way we think about obesity

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Rethink Obesity® is designed to provide health care professionals with access to helpful information on obesity patient care.

Explore this site and learn how we’re helping health care professionals think and talk about obesity here.

It’s Bigger Than Me was created to change the societal perceptions of obesity and ignite urgent action that leads to care.

Novo Nordisk wants to help people understand that obesity can impact the mind, body, and society. See what your patients can learn at

Truth About Weight® is designed to encourage people with obesity to seek medical management with the help of a health care professional to engage in a productive conversation leading to personalized weight-management plans.

Having the right conversations about obesity can be a key part of treatment. Your patients can learn more at

Navigating obesity care beyond the examination room

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Novo Nordisk has a long history of supporting organizations that help elevate the need for change in obesity care.

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Because there is a critical need to expand specialty training and increase fellowship training for obesity medicine physicians

With financial support from Novo Nordisk, The Obesity Society was able to establish the Fellowship Development Program, which the Obesity Medicine Fellowship Council oversees, to expand specialty training and support effective obesity care.

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Because there’s a need to make obesity care a priority around the world

In 2018, Novo Nordisk, together with leading obesity organizations, formed the Obesity Policy Engagement Network. Members include obesity thought leaders and trailblazers, including health care professionals, policy experts, and advocates. The global network, funded by Novo Nordisk, provides the opportunity to share diverse perspectives, identify solutions, and deliver national action on obesity.

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Because no one should feel judged for seeking care

Novo Nordisk created the Inclusive Obesity Care initiative to change how the world sees, talks about, and manages obesity.

Here’s how to show your support: Click here to download the symbol and share it with patients in your waiting room or place of business.

Impacting our communities through a holistic approach to obesity

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Novo Nordisk partners with organizations that share our mission of reducing the burden of chronic disease in communities across the country.

Through partnerships with community-based organizations, we are focused on bolstering obesity prevention by increasing nutrition education, as well as access to distribution, and consumption of healthy foods. The goal is to support community-based activities that promote health and wellness.

Thank you for helping us confront the obesity epidemic head-on. Our work has only just begun.

To learn more about why obesity needs the same commitment we give to other chronic conditions, explore our site.


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