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Using Weight History to Inform an Effective Obesity Plan Module
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Estimated time: 24 mins

Using Weight History to Inform an Effective Obesity Treatment Plan

Robert F. Kushner, MD

Learn how Dr. Kushner uses the OPQRST mnemonic to engage a patient about weight history. This interactive module demonstrates the benefits of having greater context about a patient’s struggle with obesity—including how much weight was gained, efforts taken to control their weight, and the effect that weight gain has had on their health.


1. Introduction

2. Onset

3. Participating events

4. Quality of life

5. Remedy

6. Setting

7. Temporal pattern

8. Eating & physical activity

Words matter - motivational interviewing Module
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Estimated time: 26 mins

Words Matter—Motivational Interviewing

Robert F. Kushner, MD

Finding constructive interview strategies can make all the difference in motivating patients with obesity. This simulated, interactive model presents effective ways to discuss weight with your patients, including the importance of understanding their motivations and providing diet and activity tips to manage weight.


1. Diet

2. Physical activity

3. Broaching the topic

4. Diet & activity

5. Counseling

Setting Provider-Patient Relationship Expectations Module
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Estimated time: 13 mins

Setting Provider-Patient Relationship Expectations

Michael S. Kaplan, DO, ABOM

Dr. Kaplan details the importance of treating obesity with the same devotion as other chronic conditions, which entails ensuring follow-up visits with a detailed obesity management plan, creating protocols to accommodate frequent office visits, and helping patients develop realistic weight-loss goals.


1. Defining obesity as a disease

2. Establishing weight-management visits

3. Creating office protocols to accommodate patients

4. Establishing realistic expectations

5. Ask the expert

6. Closing

7. References

External Cues and You: The Environmental Factors of Unplanned Eating Module
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Estimated time: 15 mins

External Cues and You: The Environmental Factors of Unplanned Eating

Michael S. Kaplan, DO, ABOM

Creating a plan for stimulus control and mindful eating can lay the groundwork for an effective weight-management plan. In this module, Dr. Kaplan shows how to help support patients to build an effective plan that promotes long-term, successful weight loss.


1. Awareness of environmental cues and how they influence eating behavior

2. Changing eating habits

3. Ask the expert

4. Meal pre-preparing and pre-planning

5. Thought question

6. Eating out

7. Ask the expert

8. Closing

9. References

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