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Addressing Weight Plateau Module
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Estimated time: 15 mins

Addressing Weight Plateau

Robert F. Kushner, MD

In this module, Dr. Kushner demonstrates how to support a hypothetical patient whose weight has reached a plateau after one year of treatment. As the patient visit unfolds, Dr. Kushner assesses contributing factors to this weight plateau and discusses this common phenomenon with the patient.



1. Patient visit 1

2. Patient visit 2

Understanding Weight Regain: It's Not Your Fault Module
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Estimated time: 15 mins

Understanding Weight Regain: It’s Not Your Fault

Michael S. Kaplan, DO, ABOM

Weight regain can be caused by multiple factors. This module explores the factors involved and is designed to help support communication with patients about sustaining weight loss in the long term.


1. Pathophysiologic adaptations that promote weight regain

2. Recognizing normal weight fluctuations

3. Ask the expert

4. Excess eating during holiday seasons

5. Compensation for occasional overindulgences

6. Approaches to mitigating weight regain

7. Thought question

8. Closing

9. References

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