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Materials for you
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Download materials to support your conversations with people living with obesity

Obesity and COVID-19 data fact sheet

Obesity and COVID-19

Obesity and COVID-19: what you need to know

This fact sheet presents emerging data regarding the link between COVID-19 and obesity, as well as provides resources for you and your patients to stay up to date on the latest information.


Patients with obesity may face heightened risks from COVID-19. Understanding the relationship between COVID-19 and long-term weight-management can help you provide critical care at a much needed time.

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Materials for you

The ABC’s of chronic weight management

A practical, concise guide informing steps for effective obesity diagnosis and treatment.

Rethink Obesity® education booklet

Rethink Obesity® education booklet

A guide on motivational interviewing, behavioral therapy, and treatment options to support your patients' weight-loss efforts.

Download of clinical overview of the AACE/ACE obesity guidelines

Overview of the AACE/ACE obesity guidelines

Obesity is now recognized as a chronic, progressive disease. Check out the full guidelines for details on how to treat.

Download of science of obesity guide

Science of obesity overview guide

Discover the science, causes, and effects of obesity.

Obesity management brochure

Obesity management brochure

A guide that details the components of a comprehensive long-term treatment plan.


Risk Assessment Tool

This tool can help you assess the risks weight-related comorbidities pose to your patients and the best course of action to help alleviate these conditions through long-term weight-management.

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Watch these videos to better understand your patients' experience with obesity and long-term weight management

Videos for you

Donna explains her weight-management journey

Donna Weight Management
Video of science behind obesity

The science behind obesity

Video of the emotional challenges of obesity

The emotional challenges of obesity

Video - Screenshot_Obesity Through Your Patient's Eyes

Obesity through your patient’s eyes

Video of a firsthand take on obesity

A firsthand take on obesity

Video of starting to talk to your patients about weight management

Start talking to your patients about weight management

Download and share these materials with your patients to help support them in achieving their weight-loss goals

Materials for your patients

My personal weight journey document

My personal weight history

Patients can use this tool to document their weight history, from previous weight-loss efforts to eating and activity routines, so that you can work together to create a plan that works for them.

Tug-of-war handout

Tug-of-war handout

This resource can be used to help patients understand the body’s metabolic and hormonal responses to weight loss, as well as the multiple factors that affect weight management.

My weight-management plan document

My weight-management plan

Goal setting helps with weight management. Align with your patients individually and realistically to create long-term goals.

Goal setting for weight management download

Goal setting for weight management

A handout to help set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) weight-management goals with your patients.


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