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motivational interviewing

Motivational Interviewing

Learn strategies for motivational interviewing, a method of engagement to enhance patients’ motivation for change.

Successful conversations

Successful Conversations

Explore some of the factors that can help to optimize discussions about weight management.

behavioral therapy

Behavioral Therapy

Discover a set of principles and skills that can be used when helping patients to modify their current lifestyle habits.

the 5 As

The 5 As

Read about one model for obesity management that has been associated with increased patient motivation.

Motivating patients for weight loss

Obesity is a complex, lifelong disease, influenced by genetic, physiological,
environmental, psychological, social, economic, and political factors, which
should be treated by health care professionals.1 As a health care professional, you are uniquely qualified to initiate and guide your patients through the process of weight loss, weight maintenance, and better health.

  • Physician-initiated discussions and advice regarding weight loss encourage
    patients to change their behavior2
  • Collaboration, counseling, and medical support from health care
    professionals helps patients achieve clinically significant weight loss2
  • Achieving and maintaining weight loss requires long-term intervention3

Simply by recognizing the complexities of excess weight and the implications of addressing the condition, you are ready to help your patients improve their weight, and as a result, their health.

Use the resources on this page to learn about guiding your conversations with patients.

Man With Educational Materials

Complimentary education materials

Rethink Obesity<sup>®</sup> Education

Rethink Obesity® Education

Our Rethink Obesity® Education booklet is a background resource for the discussion guide Rethink Your Obesity Discussions. In addition, you may want to review the current guidelines for obesity management set out by the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.

Also in Professional Education:


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